Terrifying, Escalating Sexism

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I'd like to bring your attention to the terrifying escalation of sexism and racism surrounding the Adria Richards story. I've posted in my other blog a timeline of events as well as some initial thoughts, and I invite your comments in the discussion. Here is the link.

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  • me says:

    the internet is truly vile......and an incredibly sad reflection of our society.... :/

  • Anonymous says:

    I just wanted to thank you for bringing light the issues with this story especially sexism. I am currently attending high school as the only female in my computer science class. I looked up information today after I reached the tipping point of sexism in my classroom. As the only girl, I have been ridiculed, alienated and essentially bullied into believing I am not cut out to be in the computer science field. During group work I have worked alone except for one instance where the teacher made the groups. When groups are chosen, the egotistical males in my class immediately look down upon any of my classmates who would even think of working with me except if justified for sexual rewards..disgusting. I realize this probably stems from jealousy and feeling threatened that a girl may 'beat them' especially as a girl who does not even play video games or engage in the typical 'nerdy' activities, but still does not make it right. I first hand can say my decision not to pursue computer science as my major when entering university next year IS because of the sexism I feel will carry over at the university level. I am writing this today after a classmate expressed, loudly to the rest of the class that he wishes I wasn't even in the class so it could be purely male and therefore 'have more fun' and not have to deal with any 'emotional bullsh**'. I could go on about other incidences of such offensive behaviour and it has gotten so bad I did not even want to step foot in the classroom. Of course, I do not let my classmates see this and keep my head held high in hopes one day they will realize woman or not I can perform any task, computer science or not just as well as them. I shudder to think of the girls out there who do not have the support I do at home or strong sense of self to overcome this and am not one bit surprised by the points made in your article. I am still considering a minor or switching my major to computer science after realizing that I NEED to set an example that women can pull their weight and contribute to this ever growing field, not to mention at home away from my classmates I genuinely am interested in pursuing it. After all that we have overcome with rights, as a female teen living in 2014 it saddens me to read that it could continue even in the workplace as it did to Adria Richards.

    • Another Anonymous says:


      Please please please do consider software engineering or computer science, and don't let those worthless knuckle-dragging troglodytes discourage you from something you enjoy (and a job sector that's extremely well paying and rapidly increasing to the point of outpacing the amount of qualified grads available.) I'm not going to pretend that there isn't sexism at the university level, but there is a quality jump in the students at university compared to high school (not just academically, but in their open-mindedness and politics too.) Very likely, you're not going to see the people you knew in high school ever again.

      We *need* more women like you here - strong, intelligent women who recognise sexism and defy it. Please don't let them win at discouraging you from joining us. And trust, you won't have to put up with quite that amount of bs in university - at least that's been my experience in a Canadian university in Engineering - going into software engineering.

      By the way, you should definitely try talking to your teacher about what's going on in class and ask them to do something about it - e.g. put a stop to it next time one of the pigs oinks something boorish about you.

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